Turkey-Meatball, Spinach, and Ravioli Soup!

I have been reading a lot about the SkinnyTaste cookbook and website, so I decided to surf it for a bit yesterday to find a yummy, comforting, yet healthy recipe to cook for dinner for Matt and I last night.

I settled on the turkey-meatball, spinach & ravioli soup (*note, I substituted ravioli for tortellini, because the ravioli had a fraction of the sodium) and it did not disappoint! It was cold and snowy out last night, so this was not only really filling, but delicious and soothing.

It took about 45 minutes total to make from start to stop, but I made a double batch so as to have lots of leftovers for the week.

First step is to make the meatballs…

Then I chopped up celery, carrots (i used baby carrots b/c they are pre-peeled), and onion….and sauté that in butter in a large pan w/garlic (watch so as to not burn!)…then I added in 3 jugs of low-sodium chicken stock….and brought that to a boil…after which you season with Pepper…then carefully drop in the meatballs into the boiling water…drop the heat to medium…and let cook for about 5 minutes….stirring every so often….then add in the ravioli for a few minutes….then the spinach…then serve with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese (or any blend of that).


I served with some French bread and it was delicious! I will be eating leftovers in a few hours for lunch :-).