Easter Weekend

I had such a lovely and relaxing weekend! Much needed after an extremely busy March.

On Thursday night after work, I met up with Bridget, Emily, and Meredith for a girl’s night at one of our favorite bars on S. Broadway! We had some apps and a few drinks and a lot of girl talk! It’s always the best getting together with my girl friends for a night out.

On Friday night after work, Matt brought me to get a massage! It was such a nice hour to just relax–and my girl really got all the knots out! I slept so well on Friday night.

Saturday, we got a piece of artwork framed, ran errands, ate a yummy and healthy dinner, then went to see IT FOLLOWS at the movie theater. It was one of the best horror films I’ve seen in awhile–incredibly creepy. We followed the movie up with some homemade margaritas! I also finished my book, The Girl on the Train—which I really recommend. If you loved Gone Girl, you will love this book.

I also spent the weekend making homemade cinnamon rolls for Easter brunch with friends (I have a lot ofo leftovers that I can heat up in the future for brunches). I used this recipe which was very easy to follow and delicious! It makes a LOT of cinnamon rolls–I baked then frosted all of the batches (after letting them sit for 45 minutes to rise in their pans), then immediately covered (tinfoil) & froze all the batches. Then you can heat them up for about 10-15 minutes in the oven whenever you’re ready to eat them.

This was the messiest part!:

Forgot to take a picture of the roll/cutting the roll!

When you let the cinnamon buns sit in their pans, they rise and fill out the pans more.


The Maple-Coffee frosting is really wonderful–though next time I may make half with coffee and half just as maple.

Sunday morning, our friend SJ hosted an Easter brunch at her house for a bunch of friends. We obviously brought cinnamon rolls! It was fun to drink a mimosa outside on the deck (it was almost 80 degrees!) and enjoy some nice conversation!

Sunday afternoon, Peanut and I did laundry and relaxed and watched movies. She is such a mama’s girl <3

In other news, our friends Brian & Meghan recently got engaged, and their engagement party is going to be Derby themed (on Derby day). So, I ordered this awesome Fascinator to go along with my sun dress (not sure which dress I will wear yet). I love the color….and the bigger the better when it comes to hats!

Last night, I took out my spiralizer and made this dish for dinner! The crispy prosciutto with the zucchini “pasta” and baked cauliflower in a Greek yogurt-lemon-parm sauce is SO amazing. This is one of my favorite dishes to make. Spiraling zucchini is so easy (a lot easier than spiralizing sweet potatoes) and it makes for a lighter dish. I love eating a “pasta” dish without the pasta!