A Savannah Wedding

This Friday afternoon, Matt and I re-packed our suitcases and headed down to Savannah, GA for the beautiful wedding of his good friends David (and his now-wife Christine) from college.

We flew into Atlanta and rented a car to drive the 3.5 hours to Savannah. We stayed at a nice little Airbnb in mid-town (I can’t say enough about how much we love Airbnb) and while we arrived a little before midnight on Friday, we still headed out to meet up with his friends at the downtown bars for a few hours!

On Saturday morning, we all went to brunch at Clary’s Café (delicious!) and then went for a walk along the waterfront. It was hot hot hot…and humid…but we still enjoyed our time walking around.

Saturday evening, we all headed to the Mackey House for the wedding. The wedding festivities took place outside–the venue was stunning–and I was thanking God that the bride had supplied hand-fans for all the guests, as it was pretty damn hot!

They had a traditional American ceremony, and then did a Tea Ceremony (for which the bride changed into a gorgeous beaded red dress) to hail tribute to her Asian background.

Matt with some of his fraternity brothers from college:

Matt and I before the outdoor wedding–my dress is from Ann Taylor Loft–which was perfect for the weather since it’s light & airy.

The groom & his groomsmen:

After the ceremony, the bride & groom walking into the reception!

The father/daughter dance was AMAZING. They started off slow-dancing, and then broke out into a choreographed rap song dance…it was SO FUN! I was seriously impressed with her father’s dance moves!

The boys with the groom:

The Garter-Toss!

Exiting with a sparker send-off!

After the wedding we went out for a little bit in downtown Savannah, and then went home for a long night of sleep!

Sunday morning, we ate brunch at Firefly Café, and then headed to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech. Matt attended Georgia Tech (before transferring) for his freshman year of college, and was on their collegiate dive team. Visiting the new diving facility at the school was really cool, and brought back a lot of memories for Matt!