Engagment Photos!

So I have been missing from action on this blog for quite some time! Last time we left off, Matt and I had just gotten engaged while in Europe, moved cross country to Virginia, both started new jobs (we are both loving them!), and started our life here! We are having the best time and just love being close to family & friends! 
This past weekend, we hit up the WW1 memorial (and surrounding memorials) for our engagement pictures! We were so excited to work with Birds of a Feather Photography, and while engagement pictures can be somewhat weird or unnatural (read–LOTS of nuzzling hah!) it was actually really fun!
So excited I get to be this guy’s wife in only a few short months! Wedding planning has been going great (we have a lot of the major things planned out), and life planning is going even better! We are actually under contract on a really great house and should be closing very soon if all things keep going according to plan!
Thought I would share a few of our engagement pictures below!